OMNISENS offers the pleasure of a natural and sensory premium range face and body where the actifs ingredients efficiency is maximum.

The facial products have been developed in a performance concern, centered on the promise of anti-aging and hydration through the Marine Spring Water. Drawn on an island in northern Brittany is sip minerals, trace elements and silica. It increases skin hydration by + 96% and stimulates the natural collagen to restore skin throughout his youth.

The bodies products are very sensory. Their amazing texture and delicate fragrance arose from research and testing to get the best result while stimulating the senses. High quality actifs ingredients have been carefully selected to a natural and sensory composition.


Joëlle Guillemot imagined five world of beauty and wellness, full of naturalness and elegance of French reflections, to offer the best of beauty and relaxation.

"Reflections of elegance and sensitivity, cosmetics Omnisens face and body are discovered through the five Omnisens universe. "

MARINE SWEET: A true immersion in a youth marine Source
PRECIOUS MOMENTS: Elegant sensory journey into the world of the Silk
GOURMET DELIGHTS: Great moments fluxes pleasures
FRESH TONIC: intense uplifting feeling of freshness
EXCEPTIONAL MOMENTS: For unforgettable memories

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