THE SECRETS OF JOELLE Guillemot: The founder

Joëlle Guillemot, you are the founder of the brand OMNISENS Paris, can you tell which one you found in your cosmetic line and in your beauty and wellness?

I think that one perceives my personality and the influences of my life. From my childhood between sea and countryside, I keep a deep respect for nature, which is reflected in the composition of products.

You say you love nature and you live in Paris?

I like Paris ! I am heart of Paris. Every day, the wealth of this city surprises me. Everything is mixed with refinement to the delight of our senses.

The world of cosmetics is not your first professional sector?

After my studies in Social-Psychology, I was an executive coach for many years. The development and personal development of people fascinate me! I like to participate to the fact that they feel better, calmer and more confident.

How did the link to the cosmetic and care?
These years of coaching put me face a reality: it is the ability to relax allowing personal strength. In 2004, I decided to create a large Spa in Paris where sensory and nature are waiting for you and where everyone could come and enjoy a moment of wellness.

And cosmetic range OMNISENS Paris?
The spa OMNISENS allowed me to meet clients in search of beauty and wellness and wanted to extend the Spa experience home. I then developed with them the concept of Spa at Home and was involved in the creation of cosmetics line OMNISENS Paris. I chose as their principal ingredients Marine Spring Water, which increased by + 96% hydration of the skin and stimulates the natural collagen.

Can you show us your gestural beauty?
Removing makeup, beyond, a hygiene gesture is the first essential step in the care ritual, morning and evening! Subsequently, I apply my SECRETS DU TEMPS® cream moisturizes my skin and also provide anti-aging prevention Every morning, I apply the silky dry oil REFLETS DE SOIE ® is a real moment of pleasure! This is my favorite product because it nourishes my skin and leaves it soft and silky! In my purse I still have my hand cream DELICE LEMON. His tart fragrance of lemon meringue and anti tasks and moisturizing are the delight of my hands, like winter.

What is your worst enemy beauty?
Pollution sure! She dries my skin and undermines the brilliance of my complexion. To rid the skin of all pollutants trapped in the pores, I scrub POUDRE DE DOUCEUR® and I applied immediately after the mask NUAGE D'EAU® ... I feel my skin rengorger water. And it is the healthy glow guaranteed!

Do you have a pro advice to offer?
Apply day cream SECRET DU TEMPS® on the lips. It contains vegetable SEPILIFT which redraws the lips and smoothes fine lines ... ideally restructured, lips appear fuller.

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